Ashford Community Woodland 2006
Location : Singleton, Ashford, Kent.
Materials : English Oak
Commissioned by: Ashford Borough Council/BCTV

I was commissioned by Ashford Borough Council and BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) to create a number of functional and non functional works to be placed around the woodland site. In total I made six pieces in oak, which link to each other both visually and thematically. Some of the works connect by ‘siting through’ a view hole to the next work, drawing the viewer across and through the woodland.



Crown is composed of six vertical elements which direct us within its volume and out across the woodland and surrounding countryside. It marks the highest point in the landscape. Carved leaves wrap around the faces of each upright - six leaves for six native species newly planted.



The works are set in a line linking across the length of the woodland, connecting to the recently completed Singleton Environment Centre, which opened May 2008 to the public.



The threshold feature contains interpretation devised by Will Hirstle. Six panels are set within vertical elements which herald the woodland from the public car park. Three sets of carvings feature on each of the panels. Each facing pair of vertical legs describe part of the circumference of a circle through space.



The number 26, a leaf, a harp. Each panel holds cryptic clues - but to what?



Rising Oak - the first piece installed in 2006 at the far end of the woodland.


The new visitor centre - The Singleton Environment Centre - opened at the end of May 2008.