Above - Avenue and Ring (left), Common or Pedunculate Oak - Quercus Robur (centre), Ring (right)

Ongoing Project

Heart of Oak 2008....

Location : Victory Wood, Nr Canterbury, Kent
Supported by :
The National Lottery through Arts Council England, Canterbury City Council Arts Development, The Woodland Trust and Swale Borough Council.


"The goal of life is living in agreement with nature."---Zeno (335- 263 B.C.)

Heart of Oak is a self initiated project hosted by The Woodland Trust. Forty eight oaks have been planted in two locations at Victory Wood, the Woodland Trust's flagship woodland in their Trafalgar project.

Blean Primary School, Nr Canterbury, and The Endowed Junior School in Whitstable were involved at the beginning of the project, along with ecologist Liz Humpage. Children from year 5 connected to the project through site visits and workshops exploring our relationship with the natural world.

Victory Wood is a recently established wood owned by The Woodland Trust just outside Whitstable in Kent. It is an important natural corridor within the far larger ancient woodland of The Blean, and is seen as an important environmental and recreational resource.


Above - Clive Steward of The Woodland Trust helping set out the positions for the oaks (left), The avenue (centre), One of the bamboo markers (right)

7.11.08 - The first stage of the project commenced with setting out the positions of the trees for the Avenue and Ring piece. The second piece Pollard Arc will follow soon. The tree planting will take place over the next few weeks along with the schools workshops.


Above - One of the oaks being planted (left). Above - The first oak is in (right).

19.11.08 - The Endowed School year 5 group visits the site and plants the first eight oaks for the Avenue and Ring.


Canterbury City CounciI arts development unit has proposed a mentor/mentee element to the project. Over the coming months I will mentor Canterbury based artist Kate Matthews.

Supported by:


Oakover Nurseries