Rouse Kent Public Art Award Chair 2000
Materials : Maple & Birch
Commissioned by: Rouse Kent Ltd

Commissioned on the new millennium by Rouse Kent Ltd, this seat is a replacement for the original Rouse Chair, which I designed and made in 1994. The chair is the 'trophy', given for a year to the winner of the Rouse Kent Public Art Award.

It is composed of thirteen legs, with a central vertical panel mounted as part of the rear, fully developed leg. The shape of each leg is dictated by the fully developed rear leg. The legs rise up as they move through stages, or layers of development towards the final, completed form. The central vertical panel is composed of three elements, with the middle panel of the three carved with details of the winner of the award. It is removable, and is presented to as a permanent memento to the winner at a later date.