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Sounds of the Valley 2009
Location : Whitstable, Kent.
Materials :Audio Visuals and Mixed Media
Funded by : Valley of Visions

Working once again with musician/composer Stephen Clee I devised a project for the Valley of Visions environmental organisation based near the Medway towns.

Evidence of Industry, particularly cement works, is always present in the Medway Valley, set in amongst some beautiful semi natural landscapes. It is this mix of the workings of nature punctuated by industry that for many characterises the area.

The Sounds of the Valley project set out to engage local young people in exploring their relationship with the landscape of the Medway Gap, its heritage and wildlife through the use of sound and visuals.

Four groups of children from three primary schools - Halling, Cuxton and Burham, worked with artists Will Glanfield and Stephen Clee to explore their local environment. Together they set out on a series of four ‘journeys’ documenting their experiences through sound recordings, photographs and videos.

During the walk the children were encouraged to tune in to the landscape by stopping at key points to ‘listen’ in silence with their eyes closed.

Using computers and simple software programmes a series of short video pieces were created by the children.

The DVD recreates a sense of their journey through each landscape, with the children’s pieces being creative responses to their experience of that place, on that day.


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The following 4 images are stills from the DVD






A map of the route taken with one of the groups from Halling