Southam Holy Well Trail 2005/07
Location : Southam, Warwickshire
Materials : European Oak
Commissioned by:
Heritage Lottery Fund/Vision4Southam

I was commissioned by Vision4Southam to create a series of functional pieces for the Southam Holy Well Trail, which opened in 2007. In tandem with the trail project, I created a sculpture entitled Southam Stories for the town centre.



Work for the trail consists of posts, gates and a seat to the ancient Holy Well: two seats along the trail, waymarkers, and interpretation panel frames.




All the designs are thematically and visually linked, taking the idea of the eye seeing and reflecting the world around about. These ‘eye’ forms are found in the gate posts and seat to the Holy Well, as well as in Southam Stories. The carved images refer to points along the trail and the Holy Well itself. The designs were created by children from the local primary schools.

It was my intention to create works which held a strong Saxon/Norman quality in their mass and form.





Three Interpretation Panel Frames are sited around the trail


Two seats of similar design are sited along the trail. Carved on their backs are both ancient and modern names of the fields in which they sit.