Park Farm Cherry Orchard  2005
Park Farm Cherry Orchard, Lynsted, Kent
Materials : English Oak
Commissioned by: Heritage Lottery Grant

Park Farm Cherry Orchard has been “given” to the people of the village of Lynsted as a community orchard. I was asked to create a sculptural feature to be placed in the orchard. I set up and ran a series of workshops with the local primary school, engaging the children with my contribution, and the wider social aspect of the project. The children visited the orchard, and researched the local wildlife and history of the site. They then produced drawings and designs which I selected, and translated ready for carving. Years five and six were involved in carving four images of themes taken from the orchard. The resulting work took the from of a seat entitled Bequest. It makes reference to many aspect of the site: the old river, boats, the mature cherry trees, beehives and sheep.