Gratton's Park 2001
Location : Gratton's Park, Crawley, West Sussex
Materials : English Oak
Commissioned by: Crawley Borough Counci

This was one of a series of commissions by Crawley Borough Council to create artworks along the Crawley Orbital Greenway. The original bridge had utilised standard galvanised metal railings which were functional but ugly. Working to the existing bridge structure, I designed laminated Oak railings and carved posts. The use of lamination allowed the creation of repeated, interlocking wave forms. The design offered the opportunity to insert wedged 'bosses' into the railings.



A number of woodcarving workshops were undertaken with local people, and users of the bridge. A series of sixteen bosses were carved, depicting different examples of flora and fauna found in the woodlands which surround the bridge. These bosses were wedged and doweled into the splayed
openings formed within the curved railings. Later I was asked to add a stile and gate, which extend from one end of the bridge.