Iwade 2003 
Location : Orchard Edge, Iwade, Sittingbourne, Kent
Materials : English Oak, Plywood, Brick, Fibreglass, Ceramic, Glass
Commissioned by: Hillreed Homes Ltd

Iwade village has records going back over a thousand years. The village has slowly evolved and grown over that time. Around the millenium two developers were permitted to build extensive housing developments within the village. The work Seed of Hope was developed in response to this vast housing development which had such an impact on the life of the village. I devised a series of workshops which were undertaken with the village primary school, and members of the W.I. exploring their responses to the changes taking place. These workshops explored their hopes and fears, memories of the past and feelings about their lives now. Various artefacts produced through these workshops, including books, tape recordings and photographs were all sealed within a time capsule - the Seed of Hope - which is set inside the outer husk or shell. The Seed, which is an ovoid form covered in ceramic mosaic and mirror glass, can be seen through view holes in the side of the work. It is not to be opened before June 2053.



The seed is creative potential, symbolized by the children of the village with their journey into the future. This reference to time is echoed by the twelve sided form of the outer sculpture. The inner and outer elements of the sculpture might relate to aspects of our own internal and external lives. In a rapidly changing world this work marks a significant transitional moment in the history of Iwade.