Leeds General Infirmary 1997
Location : Jubilee Building, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Materials : English Oak, Cherry, Beech
Commissioned by: Special Friends of the Hospital

Heart & Mind measures over 26 feet in length. The title "Heart and Mind" relates to the ten native herbs depicted and used in treating Cardiac and Neurological conditions. At the left hand end is a single giant seed, from which a winding stem shoots. Coming off the stem are ten stylised leaves, on which are growing the ten herbs, five to treat the heart, five to treat the mind. At the tip of the stem a great thistle crown appears, symbolizing the mind. Next to it, two twisting leaves form a stylized heart motif.

Due to internal re-organisation Heart & Mind has been dismantled and stored at the LGI. A new home is being found for it, and I m currently liasing with Tonic at LGI to finalise the re-location.




Healing Herbs celebrates twelve native herbs traditionally used to treat a broad range of ailments and complaints. The central circular motif comprises twelve carved open seeds which send shoots across the panels, intertwining and forming rhythms, and ending at blooming buds, where each separate herb is carved. The common and Latin names of each herb are carved along its respective shoot.



On E floor, in the Cardiac and Neuro Outpatients Waiting Area, are two bas reliefs including Nucleus (above), seven carved panels, including Lily of the Valley (detail above) and six paintings, celebrating and highlighting some seventeen traditional herbs used to treat Neurological and Cardiac conditions. Along the corridor from the main lifts are 5 carved wooden signs directing the public to the outpatients unit.